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Programs & Projects

Communities Collaborating to Solve Social Problems

Field Trip in Nature

Young Social Innovators of the Future
(YSIF) Program

Developing students from 7th to 12th grades to work on social projects that affect poor communities.

Team Meeting

Community Leadership Academy for Social Innovation (CLASI) Program 

Social Innovation Coaching for 18 to 30-year old Community Leaders, Advocates, and Activist working to eliminate social inequality & injustice.


Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) Program

Facilitating multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests to create bottom-up, win-win solutions to community problems.

Virtual Team Meeting

Social Impact Management Program 

Working with multiple stakeholders to form strategic alliances that work together to make a measurable impacts to communities.

Reopen Schools Project

In 2020, this project was a conversation using Design Thinking (DT) to answer the question, "How do we engage and motivate our middle school and high school students as we reopen the schools?" The project is a collaboration between the Social Innovators of the Americas Association (SIAA) in partnership with the Student Global Ambassador Program (SGAP Leaders).  The project led to instructions, a sample design for teachers in DMV to use for developing courses, and a report.

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Design the School of Future Webinar Series

This is a 2021 Project where SIAA held several public interviews to characterize the needs and experiences of various stakeholders in the public charter, and private school systems in DC, MD, and VA.  The public interviews include panels on education technologists, school counselors, social workers, and classroom educators.  The videos are on the SIAA YouTube Channel and the page for this project. There are also transcripts and other materials for members.  


ASSIST-VA Innovative Collaborative Workshops

The ASSIST-VA project was a 4-Month series of Social Innovation Collaborative Impact (SICI) workshops to develop a plan, goals, and responsibilities to address the complex systemic social problems of matriculating more African-American youth from secondary school to careers in the STEM. The SIAA's SICI included twelve (12) collaborators to do this goal by designing community-based solutions to systemic social issues that influence AA learners' matriculation into steam.  Resulted in a proposal to develop the solution. The proposal summary is available to members

SIAA CLASI Course Promotion Social Media

Certified Social Innovation Facilitator Training

The Social Innovation Facilitator Certification process assesses you against five (5) competencies,  assessments for each competency, and completing a Certification Project with fellow cohort members. The SIAA’s Associates chose the competencies because of their practical experience and the success factors for our Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) approach.

The Recent Projects

The SIAA Programs

FSI Program
Field Trip in Nature
Young Social Innovators of the Future Program
  • The students will solve social problems that matter to them by using qualitative research, data analytics, design thinking, critical thinking, and team-building skills.


  • The program provides structured weekend and afternoon programs with curricula for youth between the ages of 12 to 18 years old.


  • The program shows students how to use our Social and Humanitarian Innovation for Transformation (SHIFT) process.


  • The program develops a packaged yet tailorable, project-based learning (PBL) curriculum and online learning resources.


  • We provide a project-based learning environment for young people of color to make innovative yet nonviolent systemic social changes in poor communities.


  • We partner with existing Nonprofit founders of after-school programs, Minority STEM Promotion programs, and small private or home schools dedicated to students of color.


  • We coach Nonprofit leaders' staff and volunteers on our SHIFT curriculum, and our coaches deliver the training or both.


To work with us on the SI of the Future program, please click the subscription button below:

CLASI Program
Community Leadership Academy for Social Innovation (CLASI) Program
  • At the end of programs, the Emerging Community Leaders will have conducted their community-Based projects to address poverty in their respective state.


  • We select a cohort of community leaders, activists, and advocates. We also invite founders of startup nonprofits or social entrepreneurs.


  • Run the program for 5-sessions for 5 weekends or one week for major metropolitan areas for marginalized young adults from ages 18 to 30-year old. 


  • Cohort members go through an application and interview process.


  • The program trains and develops the cohorts to use our Community-Based Social Innovation (CBSI) process to invoke change in their communities.


  • The program will support three (3) to five (5) cohorts of 5-8 community leaders in multiple jurisdictions in the DC, MD, VA metropolitan area.


  • Each cohort member receives access to training, coaching, accomplished community leaders, and nonfinancial gifts to launch their community event.



Apply or Nominate Emerging Community Leaders that have an interest in helping low-income communities eliminate generational poverty. 

Team Meeting
Community-Based SI
Community-Driven Social Innovation Program
  • The community receives services from professional solution providers trained in our Social & Humanitarian Innovation For Transformation (SHIFT) process.


  • We encourage community members to define and solve critical issues, and we agree to shepard them through a process to make social impacts in their communities


  • The types of projects involve multiple stakeholders with competing interests.  


  • We leverage our Cross-Community Collaboration Sessions to define problems, understand stakeholders, and collaborate on solutions.



To submit a request or sponsor a Community-Driven SI Program, please click the Contact Us button below:

SI Councils
Social Impact Management Program
  • The program works with government, nonprofits, industry, and community members to develop a portfolio of projects to solve complex systemic social problems.


  • The forums offer Stakeholders to work collaboratively to solve systemic social problems 


  • We use interactive webinars and synchronous and asynchronous to communicate on a regular basis


  • The alliances coordinate activities and an measures of effectiveness to implement with the communities.


  • The alliances help communities with their unique combination objectives aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Our members provide the support to coordinate, efforts and resolve challenges to keep the alliance on track to achieve goals.


To get involved with our Social Impact Program please click the button to contact us:

Virtual Team Meeting

Our Social and Humanitarian Innovation for Transformation (SHIFT) Process
Is Designed to Achieve Communities' Unique Combination of Sustainable Development Goals

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