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Every Community is entitled to a Better Future for their Families


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If you are a Grass Roots or Informal Community Organization that wants to use our Pro Bono services; then, select 'Request for Pro Bono Services' and we will Schedule a free consultation session to discuss options. 


If you are a Sponsor such as a government department, Community Development Corporation, Large Nonprofit that funds or manages community-based projects; then, select the 'Request for Service' and we will be in touch to discuss a proposal. 


  • More organizational resources to help you manage physical revitalization and social service projects.

  • No impact to your budget with Pro Bono Professional Solution Providers to conduct research, design and implement multiple community projects for your organization. 

  • Helps you stops the downward spiral of divestment, deterioration, and poverty in your community.

  • Extra organizational capacity makes it easier for you to help low-income families achieve upward social mobility.



We can help any community with the following: 


  • COMMUNITY ISSUE RESOLUTION: Resolving Conflicts from diverse stakeholder community with opposing interests

  • COMMUNITY PROBLEM SOLVING: Conducting applied social research and solving complex social system problems

  • SOCIAL INNOVATION MANAGEMENT: Developing, prototyping and conducting pilots and trials of Innovative products, services, and processes to evaluate effectiveness.


  • SOCIAL SERVICE DESIGN:  Defining and implementing solutions to improve program efficiencies to serve more with less


  • SOLUTION OPERATIONALIZATION: Strategic plans and assistance to scale, replicate, and institutionalize effective social innovations


  • COMMUNITY CHANGE MANAGEMENT:  Brokering partnership relationships to increase acceptance and adoption of innovative solutions by communities through productive engagements.